Design Notes

October 10, 2015
Create your Own Islands!
Small adjustments have been made to the Mission duration and rewards randomizers.
October 5, 2015
Create your Own Missions!
Check out the new options in the Pub section.
September 22, 2015
Almost 200 total players over the first weekend.
BUG FIX: Found and fixed problem with Missions not completing.

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Compatible Browsers
Works with all "modern" web browsers. Fully tested on Chrome first, on both mobile and desktop size views. You can play on Mobile and Desktop, and can contribute using mobile, but desktop or large tablet is easier for data entry.
Feature To-Do List:
  • Quest System. Trade Loot for different types of Loot. Trade Loot to Build ships.
  • Add system for player contributed Artwork for Islands and Creatures.
  • Research Tree
  • And more!

Early History:

December 2014
Started actually coding this crazy project between Christmas and New Years. The main goals were to get practice at designing HTML5 web sites, use the latest database stuff, be creative, have 'fun', etc. My son helped me with the Loot icon artwork. All the other artwork, I have been borrowing from AQ and AQ Worlds.
July 2015
After many months of the project being set aside, I started working again on this thing. Working a few hours each weekend, and sometimes late at night. Organized the web site into clean separate game areas, and using Bootstrap to simultaneous develop for mobile and desktop.
August 2015
Having a ton of fun tweaking and testing mobile vs. desktop layouts using Bootstrap. For me, the database coding takes very little time. Most of the time is spent experimenting with HTML and CSS design. Added more game content and functionality, trying to get all the required steps in place.
Early September 2015
Applying many skills learned on this project to regular day-job projects and vice-versa. Like database and web page tricks. Working more nights and weekends to get this thing finished before Talk Like a Pirate Day. All the primary game functions are in place, tested, etc.
September 18, 2015
Last minute testing, tweaking. Added this blog Notes page. Was about to release the game... and then found big problem with the icon sizing on Firefox.
September 19, 2015
Arrrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day! Inviting players into the game now!