Pirate Trobble

How much trouble can a Pirate Trobble be?

Play Now! Design Notes

This web site requires latest Chrome browser on desktop, and works on most mobile browsers.

Explore Islands

Explore the Sea of Trobbles and gain the trust of crazy island inhabitants. Acquire or purchase new ships for your fleet. Use fast or strong ships to accomplish the missions. Grow your empire and conquer the World!

Dangerous Missions

Send your priate ships on dangerous missions to "acquire" the items that you need. Give the items to Island owners to gain their trust. Beware of missions that will damage your ships. Repairs cost valuable time.

Have Fun

Pirate Trobble is a casual idle time game. Set your ships on missions, and wait a few minutes for the missions to complete. While waiting, play another Artix Entertainment game, hang out on our forums, or read game Design Notes.


Help expand the Pirate Trobble universe by submitting your own Artix game mash-up artwork and story ideas for Island and Mission descriptions. Players will vote on contributions, and the best ideas are added to the game!